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Selezione Casaliva  

is produced with 100 - 200 years old plants of Casaliva (100%).It has an intense fruity blend, with medium-intense pungency and bitterness, herbal accents and notes of artichoke, almond, back pepper, fresh cut grass and herbs. The olives are picked at the beginning of October, with a majority of green ones.In this way we have a high content of pholyphenols (important antioxidants linked to the bitterness and spicyness). We pick manually, helped by electric shaker and mill them daily. We get concentrate on quality more than quantity, in this way 100kg of olives give only from the 8 to the 15 % of oil. 

Selezione Regina

is produced with younger trees, mainly Casaliva, but with some Leccino and Miniol too. It has a medium-intense fruity, and is a little bit less bitter and pungent than Selezione Casaliva. At the taste you can perceive sweet almond, artichoke , thistle. Olive picking and milling are done daily always before the mid of October. This oil get well harmonized with fish, white meat, rice, pizza and focaccia.Drizzled on vegetables, to finish off dishes, and is perfect used to make vinaigrettes for salads. Evoo oil is really good to cook !You don't need to put a lot, don't waste it,but you deserve to eat healthy food, so never use low quality oil.

Remember,we are what we eat