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Lake Garda, Maripa Queendom





Welcome to Maripa Queendom! So, long story shortly: I was an extreme sports photographer in Milan, in 2009 I moved with two children from my city apartment to the house of my grandparents, a large homestead left uninhabited for 50 years, surrounded by a 2.5 acres olive grove. I saved this piece of beauty on the western bank of Lake Garda rescuing the land from abusive urban speculation, restructured the two houses and the barn, restoring the old charm and opened a B&B.

I studied the culture of the area, closely related to olive oil and the olive trees, attended many courses and became a professional olive oil taster. Now I taste and teach how to taste olive oil and I'm the organizer of the oldest and more selective EVOO International Competition in the world: Leone d'Oro. Follow me on IG @queenmaripa

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