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Casa del Tempo Ritrovato EVOOs

New harvest 2022/2023 now available!


The first label is the evoo produced from ours 100 - 200 years old plants of Casaliva, some Miniol and few Leccino.

It has a medium fruity , with medium pungency and medium bitterness, herbal accents and notes of fresh artichoke, green almond, thyme and rosemary, fresh-cut grass and herbs. At the beginnig of the season is more intense in all the organoleptical positive attributes, then slowly slowly get milder but with alwayas a fresh note of green almond. 

The olives have been picked at the beginning of October, with a majority of green ones. In this way, we have a high content of polyphenols (important antioxidants linked to the bitterness and hot sensations)

The herbal taste is the sign that the olives have been harvested green, healthy and milled the same day.

 We pick manually, helped by electric shakers.

This oil get well harmonized with any meat, rice, pizza and soup. Drizzled on vegetables, to finish off dishes, and you can even use it to make vinaigrettes for salads (even I will never add vinegar that would cover such an amazing taste ;-) 

We work for the quality more than quantity, so there is no standard production, some years we can produce only 100 liters, some others 500, never more. 

This is why I decided to produce a second label choosing and blending every year from of best evoo production of Italy. 

Every year is different, the only common thing is the incredible quality and the different organoleptic positive attributes that you'll find easy to smell and taste so to give you not only one but two green gold nutraceutic aliments to eat for your pleasure. 

 You deserve to eat healthy food, so never use low quality oil.

Remember, we are what we eat

Eat better, eat less 

(and you'll spend the same ;-)

Order directly, no payment request, we will contact you
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