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casaliva olives


La Casa del Tempo Ritrovato (The House of the Time Regained) is a special place,

nested in a valley of secular olive trees

Attention to details, unconditional love for the olive trees, search for balance between soil and plants through a respectful farming method, give life to a limited production, for connoisseurs.  A tasty shiny green fluid, which embrace a story of passion, steer it through the palate and deliver it to the heart.

Maripa is a professional Evoo Panel Leader and produce this oil with a great story inside in her grandparents groove.

The Casa finally regained the original warmth, now enriched in passion and commitment since it became the headquarters of O'Live & Italy, a non-profit Association that organizes international Courses and Masters, dedicated to amateurs and experts of olive oil sensor analysis and host the International Olive Oil International Competition "LEONE D'ORO".

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